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Our product in short:

Modern cloud based vendor agnostic monitoring and provisioning solution designed to speed up deployments in the field of Passive Optical Networks.


To many vendors product to handle? Each one with different concept for CLI and GUI NMS? We all been there. Our experience help to simplify GPON management with intuitive user interface to safe yours time and focus on what matters. We monitor in real time without impact on performance of the OLT and yours business.

One tool to help you monitor, manage and audit GPON network and beyond. We help You in provisioning, automatization of daily tasks, network sharing and wifi performance monitoring on the ONT’s. Proactively monitor and detect issues to reduce outages.

Yours business mission is not to spend hours on learning how to upgrade NMS or master the CLI. We understand it that’s why we created OpenOLT.com

Features major list:

  • Works in the browser
    • With our responsive design you are ready to control yours network on the go with web browser. No JAVA client needed.
  • Visualize
    • see yours network on the OpenStreetsMap or Google Maps
  • Inventory:
    • Easily seek for the ONT location
  •  Analyse
    • in the era of BigData we help you analyse data to provide you valuable information about yours network, services and subscribers
    • you can export data for further processing with other tools
  •  Provisioning
    • automate configuration and service of end user devices. We can control Internet, VoIP, IPTV, OTT, CATV service
  • Vendor Agnostic
    • We focus to provide single interface regardless of vendor. In that way we can manage multiple devices to emulate virtual OLT or OLT stacking
  • API
    • We provide and customize API to easily integrate with yours CRM and billing (BSS)
  • Get connected
    • we use various networks technology to monitor and control yours gear. Data collect are store in the database in order to troubleshoot unique networks issue