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NetConf Yang and SDN

NETCONF / YANG is a standardized and secure interface for service activation, device management and provisioning.

BBF standardize YANG models to increase Management and Provisioning interoperability – unlocking potential to use vendor agnostic software to control OLT and ONTs.

NetConf / YANG in most of the cases is a key protocol to achieve a paradigm of Software Defined Networks (SDN) in which change can be applied immediately no matter the size of the network. NetConf can replace SNMP Get / Set procedure and NetConf Events Notification replaces SNMP Traps. These mean that contrary to SNMP – Netconf offers standardized (independent from vendor) OID/MIB alternatives defined as Yang models that can be retrieved from OLT devices.

Organizations like the Broadband World Forum (BBF) promote open and standardized interfaces for OLT Management. These can be achieved with the use of NetConf / Yang. Selected XGS-PON OLT Vendors acknowledge the maturity of NetConf / YANG and limit the use of SNMP or even drop in new products.

Example of OLT that support NetConf / YANG: 

  • DZS Velocity family as like: V1-16XC, DZS V6.
  • Adtran Combo OLTs
  • Nokia Lightspan
  • Tibit OLT